A $4.99 mascara that delivers: Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume

I was beginning to think that the $4.99 Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara was a mere myth; something I only read reviews on, but couldn’t for the life of me find in person (my local Ulta stores couldn’t seem to keep it on shelves).  After reading the glowing reviews this mascara has, I needed to get my hands on it!  One day I decided to try an Ulta farther away and, to my excitement, the Essence display had one last I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara left in stock.

That was back in May, and from the first time using this mascara I knew it would become a fast favorite.  I mean come on- you can’t beat $4.99 for something that (I think) gives high-end mascaras a run for the money.  If you’ve been wondering if the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara is worth looking for, please continue reading my review! :)

Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara review Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara review

The first thing I wanted to point out is the wand.  It’s huge!  If you’re a fan of smaller, more precise mascara wands, the Essence I Love Extreme Crazy Volume mascara probably won’t be your thing.  I compared the wand to my pinky finger in the picture above for reference.

Other than that, I have mostly positive things to say about this mascara!  It’s a nice, drier formula that builds nicely and doesn’t clump even after 3 coats (FYI: I usually apply 3 coats).  It gives lashes volume and length, but without that “spider lash” effect- instead, it’s a more full, fluttery look that I can’t get enough of.

Now let’s look at some pictures of this mascara in action:


Currently obsessing over… {summer edition}

I tend to go in phases with food related things, with some of these “phases” lasting longer than others.  Sometimes it will be a certain snack, drink, fruit- the list goes on- and can last for up to several weeks, usually when I get tired of it. (I really hope I’m not the only person this happens to… otherwise, feel free to skip this intro!)

Currently, I’m trying to lighten up my diet cola intake and switch to lighter carbonated drinks (I won’t even get in to how much of a Diet Coke/Pepsi fan I am!), which leads me to the topic of this post.  These Sparkling Ice drinks have me almost ADDICTED, so I felt the need to share!

sparklingice-obsessionsparklingice2I’m not sure if these are sold everywhere in the US, but I’ve see them in most grocery stores in the Midwest.  They’re all zero calories (and basically zero everything else, besides vitamins) and are, essentially, sparkling flavored water.  One of my favorites is the one I’ve shown above, Classic Lemonade, as it tastes just like sparkling lemonade- so yummy!

I’ve actually been drinking these for quite some time, but just recently started buying them pretty frequently.  I think it’s the warmer weather- something about them is just so refreshing during the summertime.  If you’re a zero calorie drink fanatic like me, I think you’ll really love these (if you haven’t tried them already)!

Happy Father’s Day, by the way- I hope you’ve all had a wonderful weekend and are enjoying the beginnings of summer!

Matte white nails for summer {new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte nail polish}


I seem to have a love-hate relationship with matte nails.  At times they’re really fun- a rich, black polish looks so fun and edgy with a matte top coat!- but other times, the look isn’t one of my favorites.  That being said, when I found the new Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte display at my local Walgreens, the white shade screamed at me.  White is such a staple color to own for the summertime, yet to my surprise I actually don’t own a standard white nail polish!  So, into my shopping basket it went, and I ended up kind of falling in love with it.

Keep reading to see what’s on my nails, ft. the (limited edition) Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte nail polish in White Pick It Fence!

Sally Hansen White Pick It Fence nail polishSally Hansen White Pick It Fence nail polish

White Pick It Fence wasn’t a love-at-first-swatch kind of situation for me- the first time I swatched it, I felt pretty indifferent about white nails.  It was the second time (yesterday, when I actually used it as a full manicure) that won me over.  Something about the matte effect makes it so fun and different, perfectly suited for the beginning of summer.  It also makes my hands look tanner!

As far as the formula, I had to paint on three thin coats to get the polish completely even; so, it could have been better, but I didn’t have any clumping, bubbling, etc.  The only real gripe I have is that the brush on mine is cut a bit funky.

Sally Hansen White Pick It Fence swatch

The Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Matte nail polishes are around $5-6.00 (depending on where you find them) at Walgreens, CVS, and other drugstores that sell limited edition Sally Hansen products.

What do you guys think of white nails- and matte white nails, for that matter?  Have you tried any of these new Sally Hansen matte nail polishes?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!  Happy Friday. :) XOX

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