Mystery mascara sneak peek!


POPSUGAR Mystery Mascara

POPSUGAR Mystery MascaraHappy weekend! What are your plans this Saturday? I’m spending my day catching up on blog-related things and crossing off items from my to-do list. Oh, and listening to Vanderpump Rules in the background… (I know, I know, please don’t judge :). I just recently started watching it for NO REASON at all and, while I hate to say it, it’s quite the addicting (and terrible) reality show.

But let’s get to what I really wanted to share today! This “mystery mascara” arrived in my mail box late last week and I’m all kinds of excited to find out what it is. Sephora has some information about it on their website, but we’ll have to wait until Monday, Feb. 2 for the brand/name revealing. My very first impression: it does a nice job curling lashes and adding some volume. The formula is on the drier side, though, and I felt it required several coats to build to the intensity I desire.

Have you heard about this mystery mascara?

Be sure to follow POPSUGAR for the big reveal on Monday! Hope you guys have a great rest of your weekend!

Why I live to curl my lashes | Mia Adora eyelash curler review


Mia Adora eyelash curler review

Sometimes I think about how A-M-A-Z-I-N-G it would be to have naturally full, curled, super thick lashes. I mean, my mascara *routine* wouldn’t even be a routine anymore- it’d be, “ok, here’s my one quick coat, now I’m ready!” Instead, it’s more like, “how many coats can I safely apply without looking like I have spider lashes?” But for those of us that aren’t blessed with deep and defined eyes, mascara and eyeliner is a serious business.

That being said, applying coat after coat of mascara doesn’t have the same effect if you have stick-straight lashes. I’m attached at the hip to my eyelash curler, and I’m sure many of you are, too!

I’ve been in the market for a new eyelash curler for quite some time now (for years I had used ELF’s eyelash curler), so when I was approached to share my review of this Mia Adora eyelash curler, I jumped at the chance. If you’re also looking for a budget-friendly curling option, please keep reading to see my thoughts!

Mia Adora eyelash curler reviewMia Adora eyelash curler review


New tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette review & swatches!


Tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette review & swatches

My sister and I usually end up gifting each other some kind of makeup for Christmas. It’s pretty easy for us to buy for one another, and come on- there’s always SOMETHING sparkly and drool-worthy that launches around the holiday season. Cue the new tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette. The minute I saw it an email (for the “teaser” launch they did in November), I forwarded it straight to my sister and told her it was at the top of my Christmas list. Side note: turns out she liked the looks of it, too, because she also ended up putting it on her list!

Because this makeup obsession apparently runs in my family, both of us began playing with our new palettes while getting ready on Christmas morning- there was too much gorgeousness going on to wait any longer. And after continuing to play with this little guy for the past week, I can safely say that I am in love. (I know, how many times do I say that about palettes? Probably too many to count.)

But let’s cut to the chase of this post and get on with the pretty pictures! Please keep reading to see my review & swatches of the new tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette.

Tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette review & swatchesTarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette review & swatches

tarte Tartelette eyeshadow palette review & swatches


2015 blogging resolutions + updates

2015 Blogging Resolutions*Slowly crawls out from hiding* Happy New Year! How have you all been? I can’t believe I let blogging slip right out from under my nose- I’m so sorry I didn’t dedicate the necessary time and at least give you guys a quick update.

Honestly, finding a routine (one that doesn’t result in absolute exhaustion) that allows me to balance work and blogging has been difficult. It’s one of the many lessons I’m learning as I transition from student life to adult life! It’s also one of my main 2015 blogging resolutions, which I’ll get in to next.

2015 Blogging ResolutionsResolution #1:

“Making time” for blogging by getting organized


Nails of the day: Nude and glitter polka dots

Nails of the day: Nude and glitter polka dots

Happy Monday, lovelies! I wanted to write up a quick post before I jet off to sleep (first day at my new job is tomorrow!)- these iPhone photos can prove it. Nope, they’re not the best, but is it just me or do they look PRETTY good for being taken with an iPhone 4S? They shall do.

Onto the nails, I’m still trying to master polka dots- since receiving this nail dotting set for my birthday, I’ve been determined to conquer them! I think I’m getting better.

Nude and glitter is one of my favorite pairings for nail art. I love a simple nude creme polish with a glitter accent nail, using the glitter in a half-moon manicure, or even doing glitter tips. The options are endless! Today, I decided to use a champagne-pink glitter to add polka dots on each nail:

Nails of the day: Nude and glitter polka dots

I love how it turned out! I know the polka dots are hardly perfect- funny enough, they turned out more evenly spaced on my RIGHT hand (I’m right-handed). Ah well, I’ll do better next manicure. :)

Polishes used:

OPI Don’t Pretzel My Buttons and Sally Hansen Style Steel (LE)

I hope you enjoyed this nude and glitter polka dots manicure! Thanks for reading, and have a great night!

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