3-step nails: mint + polka dots {tutorial & products used}

Mint and polka dot nailsI should preface this blog post by saying that I completely understand this manicure is anything but fall-appropriate (which is funny, actually, since I spend most of the rest of the year craving rich, vampy shades of nail polish). And while I do tend to follow seasonal beauty trends, I 100% think you should wear whatever you want, no matter the weather. So, even though these “3-step nails” I’m sharing with you today more closely resemble spring, we’re going to go ahead and chat about them in October. When it’s currently a brisk 56º F in Chicago.

I named this blog post “3-step nails” because these are really, really simple- the manicure took me about a half-hour from start to finish (that’s including waiting for the polish to dry + adding a top coat). Stay tuned next week for another fun manicure, which is even easier than this one- it’s only 2 steps!

To see how I did these mint + polka dot nails and a list of products used, please keep reading!

Mint and polka dot nails - products used


1st NYX lip haul! {ft. Simply Nude Lip Creams & Butter Lipstick}



It was a funny moment when I realized that NOT ONCE had I tried a lip product from NYX. Lipstick is a category NYX seems to be known for, and I seemed to have just skipped right over the selection all these years. Well, that finally changed a couple of weeks ago when Ulta ran its 40% off sale on NYX and a few other brands. I had my eye on several products for quite some time, so I decided to snag them while on sale.

Without further ado, keep reading for my review & swatches of two new NYX Simply Nude Lip Creams and a Butter Lipstick in Pops!



The nail polish you need for fall: Zoya Yuna (Fall 2014 Ignite collection)


Zoya Yuna nail polish | Fall 2014 Ignite collectionIt might be the beauty geek inside me, but fall has to be my most favorite time of the year- and it’s mostly due to the makeup trends.

Yes, there are other things to look forward to about fall: dressing in layers, drinking anything with “pumpkin spice” in the name (I personally haven’t jumped on that bandwagon yet), Halloween, Thanksgiving, boots… I could go on! But really, it’s that week in September when we finally start seeing trend blogs feature berry lips, strong brows, and deeper, jewel-toned nail colors that I really get excited for fall.

While I wouldn’t exactly classify Zoya Yuna as a jewel-toned nail color, she is nothing less than a beauty- and a shade I think you need for fall. Please keep reading for more swatches & my review (AKA why I’ve worn her three times over the last couple of weeks)!


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