(Review+Tutorial) How I do my brows ft. Benefit Gimme Brow

Eyebrows are tricky.  It’s so easy to go just slightly overboard and end up with what I call “monster brows”… but then again, big brows are in, right?  Having dabbled in eyebrow products here and there over the past few years, I felt like most made my brows look too overdone.  That was until I picked up Benefit’s new-ish Gimme Brow, however…

Gimme Brow seemed like just the thing to add that extra oomph to my already-kind-of-full eyebrows, so I decided to give it a whirl.  Keep reading to see why I’m loving it, plus how I use it on my brows every day (with a mini-tutorial at the end)!



Benefit Gimme Brow ($22.00/0.1ozis called a “brow-volumizing fiber gel” and comes in two shades: light/medium and medium/deep, which is the one I’m showing you today.  It’s supposed to be water-resistant, long-wearing, natural, and buildable.

While my eyebrows are already moderately full, they do need to be filled in a bit on the *tail* of the arch (that part that frame the outer portion of your eye).  This is why Gimme Brow’s spoolie application appealed the most to me; it gives a pretty natural look that is sometimes difficult with pencils.  I think it delivers on its claims, though I wouldn’t say it’s completely water-resistant- on oilier skin, this might smudge a bit if you touch your brow area (thinking mostly in the summertime heat) (though this did happen to me once over the weekend).

Overall, though, I’m really enjoying this!  The medium/deep shade is an ashy, medium taupe that seems dark enough to suit most brunettes, and the light/medium should work if your hair is lighter (these run cooler-toned, though- something to keep in mind).



Benefit Gimme Brow in medium/deep

Now, here’s a quick look at my bare brows.  They can be REALLY SCARY (see middle picture)… like, no one should see me when I wake up in the morning!  For anyone of you who also have longer brow hairs, you understand how necessary it is to use some kind of brow gel/product. :)


Click image to enlarge!

BUT, the thing that’s awesome about Gimme Brow is that the little spoolie applicator also tames brows and keeps them in place.  It’s like a filler and gel in one!  You can see in the far right picture, above, how small the spoolie is.

And…. finished:


Much better, right?  You can see that it’s not too dramatic- this is how I would do them every day, but it does build on itself a bit if you want to amp it up.

Have you tried Benefit Gimme Brow?  What’s your go-to brow product?

I’d love to hear your thoughts if you have, and of course any other brow recommendations.  Thanks so much for reading!

  • Mia- MakeMeUpMia

    I just fell completely in love with the stuff last month! It’s so easy and makes my brows look perfect in half the time, and no “crunch” 😉

    • inhermakeupbag

      I love it! And yep, the no *crunch* thing is great. 😀

  • http://carlyblogshere.blogspot.com/ carly

    I’m more than happy with my brow wiz, but seeing this post & hearing you and Mia talk about it makes me wonder if I need to try this as well :)

    • inhermakeupbag

      If it works, stick with it. :) I NEED to try that Brow Wiz next time I go to Sephora, though!